We specialise in both Criminal and Civil litigation.  We regularly represent clients in Magistrates Courts, Crown Courts and County Courts in Huntingdon, Peterborough, Cambridge and Bedford.


We carry out civil and criminal litigation work on a Private Client basis. We may still be able to obtain Legal Aid on some Criminal matters, but these are very limited.

Motoring matters



At Wilkinson and Butler, we have a team of experienced Solicitors who have been advising, representing and obtaining excellent results for clients for many years.


If you need advice or representation in respect of any motoring matters, you need to contact us. Professional and reliable, we are here to get the best possible result we can for you.


We can assist you in respect all driving matters; here are a few common examples:


  • Speeding – We can assist where a high speed is alleged or when you may be at risk of losing your licence because of ‘totting up.’


  • ‘Totting Up’ – If you end up with 12 or more points on your licence, you would normally lose your licence for 6 months. We can argue that exceptional hardship applies (dependant on your circumstances) which would prevent this from happening. You could keep your driving licence.


  • Excess Alcohol/driving under the influence of drugs – We can challenge the evidence and avoid conviction. Or after a guilty plea, we will ensure that you are given the lowest possible ban and we can advise you how to reduce it further.


  • Drunk in charge – Many charges of this type can be successfully defended if there was no intention to drive the vehicle.


  • Failure to provide a specimen – Unless you have a reasonable excuse for not providing a specimen, you would be facing a ban of at least 12 months. We can take you through the reasonable excuses available to see if any apply to you.


  • Failure to give information as to identity of the driver – There are technical defences available, such as ‘reasonable diligence.’  We can explore the options with you.


  • No insurance/Permitting use of vehicle without insurance – We will consider whether you can argue ‘Special Reasons’ and avoid having points placed on your licence.


‘Special Reasons’ – With some offences, you may be technically guilty of an offence, but there may be some unusual circumstances that can be argued to avoid a ban and to be given points instead. For example – if there was an emergency and you were taking someone to hospital or if your drinks were spiked.


  • Fail to stop after an accident/fail to report an accident – if you fail to stop at the scene of an accident or do not exchange/provide your details; or if you fail to report it to the police within 24 hours, you would be facing up to 10 penalty points or a disqualification. This could be avoided with the right advice from us.


  • Using a mobile phone whilst driving – You must be physically holding the phone in your hand, using it and driving to be guilty of an offence. If you weren’t doing all three, you need good representation at Court to argue this and have the allegation thrown out. Call us!


We are friendly, approachable and want to help you. Fixed fees are available and we cover courts at Huntingdon, Bedford, Peterborough and Cambridge. We can travel further on request.

So if you are facing any driving related allegations please contact us!

Reclaiming Payment Protection Insurance (PPI)


If you have ever had a credit card, loan or mortgage and paid PPI, it is possible you were mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance and can claim this back.


PPI is a premium you would have paid monthly to cover your payments in the event of you having an accident, being ill or losing your job.


You were potentially mis-sold PPI if any of the following apply:


1.            You were told it was compulsory – or the company were pushy and made you feel that you had to take it out;


2.            You did not realise that you had been paying PPI; sometimes there is an opt out tick box – especially if applying online which people miss;


3.            You were already covered; if you had a policy with someone else;


4.            If you had an pre-existing medical conditions; these are unlikely to have been covered by the policy and you should have been informed of this;


5.            If you were self-employed/unemployed or retired at the time of taking the PPI out; depending on the terms of the PPI it was worthless.


If you are not sure whether you had PPI we can find out for you as long as you know the name of the bank or Credit Card Company.


Let us help you recover your money now!


  • We provide a FREE PPI Claims Check – with no obligation to see whether you have a claim.


  • We will claim your PPI payments back together with interest.


  • We charge a fee of 15% + VAT, on an No Win No Fee basis* (payable on completion)




Wilkinson and Butler Solicitors operates on a ‘No Win No Fee’ basis. You do not have to pay fees upfront. Our fee only becomes payable on the successful outcome of a claim. A cancellation fee is payable if you decide to cancel your agreement with us after 14 days of having instructed us.

The staff members in this department are:

Peter Vialls

Senior Partner


Helen Royal


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